Join our Scholarship Circle and set a San Miguel scholar on the path to success. Learn more about sponsoring a San Miguel scholar

Athletic league fees and equipment • $2,500
Help our San Miguel scholars learn important life skills such as teamwork and good sportsmanship by funding athletic fees and equipment for our basketball, soccer, softball, and volleyball programs.

Social-emotional and academic support services • $1,500
Help prepare our students for success in school and in life by supporting our test-prep program, our high school search and admissions process, and our social-emotional programming.

Emergency Tuition Assistance Fund • $1,000
Keep the doors of opportunity open for a San Miguel family experiencing financial hardships.

Chess Club • $1,000
Research shows that chess clubs help young people develop better strategic thinking and problem-solving skills while fostering creativity, self-confidence and good sportsmanship. Young people who play chess also tend to get better grades in math. Your gift will support tournament fees, transportation, chess equipment, and coach stipends.

Chromebook • $350
Help our students cross the digital divide that separates students in high-poverty areas from their more affluent peers by covering the cost of a new Chromebook for classroom and online learning.

Student Uniforms • $200
The cost of school uniforms can hit those who have the least the hardest. Your gift to cover the cost of two school uniforms for a San Miguel scholar (2 fleece jackets, 2 long-sleeved shirts and 2 short-sleeved shirts with our school logo, plus two pairs of pants) will help ease this financial burden.

Make it a group endeavor: Rally your family members, friends or professional colleagues—or the members of your college alumni association or religious community—to make a group gift to San Miguel School Chicago instead of exchanging holiday gifts or to honor or memorialize someone special.

To learn more about our mission or arrange a personal tour of our school, please contact our Development Office at or 773.890.1481. Thank you for your interest!