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Mission, Values, Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of San Miguel School is to transform the lives of our students, their families and communities through education, by touching hearts and inspiring minds.

Vision Statement

San Miguel, a Catholic and Lasallian school, envisions an educational community that provides each student with emotional support, a sense of belonging, instills Gospel values, and is animated by and fosters a spirit of Faith and Zeal.

San Miguel delivers diverse, exceptional, high quality, and a comprehensive educational program for the under-served meeting recognized standards of excellence, and promotes and sustains a vibrant relationship between the school and society.

San Miguel will position itself to achieve and steward a strong and sustainable financial foundation by building appropriate reserves and diverse revenue streams to ensure its future viability.

Philosophy Statement

“A Community of Compassion in the Lasallian Tradition”

            As Lasallians, we are all educators, a community of Brothers, teachers, staff and families animated by a spirit of faith and zeal.  In our ministry of Catholic education and in our search for God in our lives, we seek to be living witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In the witness of our lives and the action of our programs, we strive to lead each other and our children to the Gospel through inspiration not indoctrination, inclusion not separation, and affirmation not condemnation.  As ministers and ambassadors of Jesus Christ, we recognize and affirm the power of God’s love to transform our lives, the lives of our families and children, and the world.

As a community of compassion, all of us – students, teachers, families, and staff – seek to be better, to be competent, to have compassion for each other, to achieve our potential.  We are an educational community, learning together, working together, and planning together. We, as educators, strive to help students understand the complexities of human relationships and enable them to resolve their conflicts in a peaceful and non-violent manner.  We believe mistakes are part of the process of learning and opportunities for growth.

“The Children of Inner-City Families”

            We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children.  We believe our families desire a better quality of life and education for them and their children.  We believe that our families may not have full access to the opportunities for a better quality of life because of the cycles of poverty, gangs, violence, migration, and discrimination.

We believe each student received special talents and gifts from God.  We believe that each student is capable of learning.  We believe that students can be proficient in academics regardless of home influences, socioeconomic status, or racial/ethnic background.

“An Innovative and Accessible Education”

            St. John Baptist De La Salle wrote that God desires that all might come to “knowledge of the truth.”  Today, as Lasallians, we believe that all people are entitled to a relevant human and Christian education.  We believe that the purpose of teaching is to involve students in learning that is liberating and empowering. Learning that is liberating and empowering is grounded in the belief that all students can succeed; incorporates different learning and teaching styles; and highlights the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics.  Literacy, the ability to communicate effectively, skills in self-understanding, empathy, and decision-making, the ability to work in groups and resolve conflicts, and a sense of service and compassion toward others are products of learning that liberate and empower.

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